IMF stopped financial aid to Afghanistan, asked to clarify the situation on Taliban government

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stopped financial aid of several million dollars to Afghanistan. The IMF has said that its engagement with Afghanistan will remain suspended until there is clarity in the international community on the recognition of the Taliban-led government. The IMF said it was deeply concerned by the economic situation in Afghanistan and urged the international community to take immediate steps to prevent any humanitarian crisis in the country.

IMF spokesman Gary Rice said that our engagement with Afghanistan has been postponed until there is clarity within the international community on the government’s recognition. “We are guided by the international community regarding the recognition of the government in Afghanistan and we do not have any clarity right now,” he said. Therefore, there the IMF program has been stopped.

One month completed for Taliban occupation

The country cannot gain access to IMF resources, SDRs etc. at this time. The Taliban captured Afghanistan on August 15 and ousted the previous West-backed elected leadership. Several global leaders have announced that they will see whether it fulfills its promises to the international community on issues such as an inclusive Afghan government and human rights before giving diplomatic recognition to the Taliban regime.

Afghanistan was already facing severe poverty and drought, but the situation worsened when the Taliban took control of the country last month. Economic activities are also almost at a standstill due to millions of people leaving the country. Foreign donors have also stopped aid to Afghanistan. This help has been stopped by the IMF when it has already been feared that if Afghanistan does not get help, then there will be a big crisis in this country.

UN has given a big warning

The United Nations (UN) has warned recently that hunger and poverty will soon reign in the country. Along with this, the social system will also collapse. According to the UN, the country will be completely shattered, if this country does not get financial help, then millions of Afghan citizens will be forced to live in poverty and hunger.

UN Special Envoy Deborah Lyons has appealed to the countries of the world to come together and save the country from ruin. He has said that the issue of Afghanistan’s economy has to be understood. He also expressed the fear that the Islamic rule of Taliban may extend to other neighboring countries as well. Lyons has said that the human rights crisis in Afghanistan is very deep at this time and if it is not handled now, then the coming days will become more dangerous.

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