Imlie Spoilers 4th May 2021: Imli, Aditya and Malini to go to Kerala for honeymoon in store room

In Star Plus’s serial Imli, we will see that Tamarind packs the goods to leave the house, when Ruby comes and tells Imli that she will not leave until Aditya’s brother arrives. But Tamarind does not want to bother her any more. She says that she does not want to upset and sadden Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) because of herself. Here the whole family requests Anu to take care of Sambul Touqeer and forgive his mistake.

Anu says that she will not let tamarind have any problem but she cannot give her daughter love but then Dev says that tamarind will get the love of daughter from them. The whole family vows to him that he will not let the tamarind suffer. Then tamarind comes there. Everyone gives them love and speaks to take care of them. Here Malini and Aditya come home. On reaching home, Anu’s mother-in-law performs the aarti of tamarind, on which Anu is very angry.

Tamarind will remain in the store room

Angry Anu narrating to her husband Dev, that because of this mouth-shaping daughter, your real daughter had committed suicide. Here Malini and Aditya come to the house to find the tamarind. They get upset after not getting it. Dev and his mother go to show Tamarind her room but Anu asks her to stay in the store room. Tamarind also agrees to stay in the store room. Malini does not see the tamarind and asks about it, only then everyone surprises her.

Malini and Aditya will go to Kerala to celebrate honeymoon

Pankaj says that they are going to Kerala on both honeymoon, for which Malini refuses. But all force him. On Aditya’s asking, Ruby says that all the people have sent the tamarind to Malini’s sister-in-law’s house. Malini knows that tamarind has gone from there except for all. Malani thinks, this house now has the right of tamarind, it is a guest for a few days. If Aditya had told him the matter beforehand, tamarind would not have to go today.

Aditya is upset

On the other hand, Aditya also thinks that Tamarind has gone from there only for both of them. Anu calls her daughter Malini and asks her to take care of her. Here Aditya is very upset, he wants to talk to Tamarind. He wants to bring tamarind home but at the moment he does not want to disturb Malini in such a condition. Pankaj asks Aditya to go to Malini and take care of him but Aditya still gets upset to meet Tamarind.

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