Impact of Ian Hurricane! NASA’s Moon Mission Will Now Launch This Month

The Artemis 1 mission of the US space agency NASA is being postponed. Through this mission, NASA is once again beginning its goal of sending humans to the Moon. However, due to technical difficulties in the SLS rocket, the mission has not been launched yet. The recent Hurricane Ian affected this mission. It is said that now this launch can be done in November.

recently NASA reported that after the passing of Hurricane Ian, he inspected the Kennedy Space Center facilities in Florida. The agency says that the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft have not suffered any damage from this storm. The rocket and spacecraft were pulled back from the Vehicle Assembly Building on September 27, just before the storm hit.

information According to the report, NASA has denied attempts to launch this mission during the next launch window. NASA has time from October 17 to October 31, but has decided to try in a launch window of November 12 to 27. This means that the Artemis 1 mission will now be launched in November.

In a statement, NASA said the focus for launch in November will give Kennedy Space Center employees time to meet the needs of their families and homes after Hurricane Ian. Also, the teams will have enough time to reach the launch pad.

The Artemis mission was first to be launched on 29 August. It has been canceled twice since then. The mission was postponed due to a failure in the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket’s RS-25 engine during the first attempt, while the second attempt was due to a hydrogen leak at the ‘quick disconnect’ interface between the rocket and the liquid hydrogen fuel feed line. had to be postponed.

America and its space agency, which brought the first man to the Moon, are once again engaged in launching the Moon mission. Before him is the challenge of China. China will also launch its Moon mission in the coming years. Both countries want to send humans to the Moon for a long time, so that from there preparations can be made to send humans to Mars as well.



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