Import of potash will decrease and the income of sugar mill will increase, the government will soon bring this special scheme

The country is importing 42 lakh tonnes of potash annually. Last year, the country spent Rs 7160 crore on import of potash. With the help of the new product, the government is trying to reduce imports by 20 percent in 3 years.

Potash will be made from molasses

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Government of potash in coming time import ,Import) is moving forward with a special plan to reduce According to the news of ET, the government may soon put forward a special plan to make potash from sugarcane molasses.Sugar Mill) will get additional income which will ultimately benefit the farmers. According to this news given to the sources, the government has finalized the guidelines related to this step. In this, the sale of a particular fertilizer product will be approved. This fertilizer (Fertilizer) will be based on potash from sugarcane molasses. This move will reduce the import of potash on one hand and on the other hand sugar companies will be encouraged to produce byproducts which will give them additional income.

what is the government’s plan

Based on potash from Molasses, this product has been kept in the category of NBS i.e. Nutrient Based Fertilizer. That is, the subsidy received by the fertilizer will also be available to this new product. With this subsidy, sugar mills will be encouraged to produce more and more molasses. The name of this fertilizer has been named Potash Driven from Moles (PDM). According to sources, the sale of the new product can be started from this April. According to the news of ET, sugar mills will be given incentives on the basis of target target on sale of molasses to fertilizer companies. On the other hand, fertilizer companies will sell PDM to farmers at the rate of Rs 600 to 800 per bag. Government has already announced subsidy of Rs 73 per bag for PDM

What will be the benefit of this scheme

This scheme of the government is being made to achieve many goals simultaneously. In which to move towards self-reliance in the production of fertilizers, reduce dependence in potash imports and give another source of income to sugar mills to increase the income of sugarcane farmers. About 42 lakh tonnes of potash is imported into the country every year. Last year, potash worth more than Rs 7 thousand crore was imported into the country. The government is trying to reduce the import of potash by 20 percent in the next 3 years with the help of the new product. This reduction would be equivalent to a saving of more than Rs 1400 crore based on the current bill of potash. At the same time, with the help of this scheme, the government wants to provide another channel of earning to the sugar mills, so that their income increases with the help of byproducts and with the help of sugar mills, the farmers also get better price for their produce.

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