Imran Khan said – Pakistan is like a Hired Gun for America, called Blinken’s statement full of idiots

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has reacted to the statement of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The Pak PM has said that he has not seen so much ignorance or indifference before today. Significantly, Blinken had said that the US would reconsider its relations with Pakistan after withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan.

Pak PM Imran has said that the best way for peace and stability in Afghanistan is simply through talks with the Taliban. Also, talks with the Taliban are the only option for women’s rights and running the government in a special way. Pak PM Imran has said these things in the interview given to CNN. This is Imran Khan’s first interview since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan.

‘We have to go with the Taliban’

The Taliban have declared Islamic rule in Afghanistan. Imran said, ‘Taliban has occupied the whole of Afghanistan and now together with the government here, together with them and with all the groups will have to go along with them. There may be peace in Afghanistan after 40 years. But if something goes wrong and we are worried about it, then everything will be disturbed. The biggest human rights crisis is going to arise here, a big refugee crisis is about to come.

He said that in such a situation it is completely wrong to think that someone outside will give Afghan women their rights. Afghan women are strong and they need to be given some time. They will get their rights. In the words of Imran Khan, ‘Women should have that capacity in the society to live out all their possibilities in life’.

Ever since the Taliban took power, it has been trying to present a new picture of itself on issues related to human rights and women. Along with this, the Taliban has also given freedom to journalists to work. However, women have been kept out of the interim Taliban government. The Taliban have asked women to stay at home and have imposed restrictions on their education.

If the Taliban did not get help then…

Protests continue in Afghanistan against Taliban rule. There have also been reports of many journalists being arrested and many badly beaten. Imran Khan has also said that Taliban needs to give some time. At the same time, he did not forget to say that if the Taliban does not get help, then a situation of unrest can arise.

Imran Khan said, ‘No puppet government will get the support of the people in Afghanistan. So instead of just sitting and thinking that we can control them, it would be better if we talk to them.

Imran also talked about Pakistan’s relations with America during this period. He said that relations with America have become very dangerous. In the words of Imran, ‘Pakistan is just like a hired gun to America. They came with us because they had to win the war in Afghanistan and that could not happen.

criticism of america

Khan also gave a warning to America during this time. He said that America cannot achieve its goals on the strength of the military. He should have made political efforts to overcome this problem. Imran Khan had earlier criticized the departure of US forces from Afghanistan. He said that he has not spoken to US President Joe Biden since the Taliban took over.

If Imran is to be believed, then the statement of US Secretary of State Blinken was full of nonsense. Blinken told the US Congress House Foreign Affairs Committee that Pakistan has many interests and many interests conflict with America’s interests. According to Imran, after the 9/11 attacks, the people of Pakistan have also lost their lives in many terrorist attacks.

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