In the Corona era, cybercriminals keep an eye on your accounts, so far 120 million people have been victims of fraud

On the one hand, India is struggling with the second wave of Corona, on the other hand Cyber ​​Criminals are working overtime to take advantage of the situation. According to the Norton Cyber ​​Safety Insights report by NortonLifeLock, a cyberspace firm, between February 2020 and 2021, approximately 120 million people have been victims of fraud. Cyber ​​criminals are making people their victims through vaccination, donation etc.

Last year, cyber criminals were cheating people by becoming bank officials and through fees for loan moratorium. The crime was carried out through fake Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for PM CARS Fund.

Cases of cybercrime will also increase this year

The report said that this year also there may be an increase in online cases as people are working from home and are using online services more. Therefore, it is very important to protect yourself from cyber fraud in the Kovid-19 era.

Why fraud cases are increasing

The penetration of online banking has increased during the Corona period. Even in rural areas, mobile banking transactions are increasing, but fraudsters are taking advantage of the lack of awareness about cyber crimes and they are making people their victims.

Protect yourself from fraud

>> Cyber ​​Criminals are also clearing the accounts of people in the name of online Kovid-19 testing. If you want to get the Kovid-19 test, then book the test from the approved lab by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

>> To protect against corona, the government has started the vaccination program. The government has asked people to register on the Co-WIN app to take the vaccine. Cyber ​​criminals took advantage of this opportunity and started releasing the app as Co-WIN. So, while downloading the app, check out the Creator. Verify if it is from an official source.

>> A few more basics can help prevent you from cheating. Double-check the link and email address before clicking.

>> Add two-factor authentication to your accounts.

>> Avoid entering your mobile number, date of birth and other details online.

>> The only way to protect yourself is to doubt all unknown incoming messages, emails or calls.

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