In the fear of losing the hosting of the Asia Cup, Pakistan again gave a shout out to India. PCB reiterated again if India doesn’t come for the Asia Cup, Pakistan will not go for the 2023 World Cup

Pakistan’s hosting of the Asia Cup hangs in the balance after India’s refusal to play. In fear of this, the high command of Pakistan cricket has once again chanted the old tune.

When will the Asia Cup be held, it is final. But where it will happen, there is still suspense about it. Now the final decision on this matter is expected to be taken in the next month i.e. March 2023. At present, the meeting of the Asian Cricket Council held in Bahrain remained inconclusive. Explain that the hosting of the Asia Cup 2023 Pakistan is near. But after India’s refusal to play in Pakistan, its hosting is under threat. In fear of this, the high command of Pakistan cricket has once again chanted the old tune.

If sources are to be believed, Pakistan Cricket chief Najam Sethi has told BCCI Secretary Jai Shah that if he does not play in Pakistan, Pakistan will also not go to India to play the World Cup. The tweets of some sports journalists of Pakistan also point in this direction.

Where else can the Asia Cup be held if not in Pakistan?

After India’s refusal, discussions about getting the Asia Cup out of Pakistan are on the rise. However, no official statement of any kind has been revealed regarding this so far. But it is being said that if the tournament is not held in Pakistan, then it can be organized again at a neutral venue. Means UAE and Qatar can again be the contenders for that hard hosting.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has told the Asian Cricket Council that the final decision on moving the tournament out of Pakistan will be taken only after getting approval from the government there.

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Final decision on venue will be in March

At present, the news is that the final seal on the venue is the deadline March. This will be approved in the meeting of the Executive Board to be held next month. Now if things don’t work out even then, it will be interesting to see what will happen. But, the most interest will be about the fact that if the venue of the Asia Cup is changed, then what will Pakistan do in that case. What he has told India not once, twice but thrice about not playing the World Cup, will he stick to it? Will remain