Income Tax Department searches at 28 locations of Sonu Sood and his close builder, clues of tax evasion of Rs 20 crore against the actor

Income Tax Department (IT DepartmentActor Sonu Sood in Mumbai (Sonu Sood) and searched the locations of an infrastructure group in Lucknow. The Income Tax team launched a simultaneous search operation at 28 premises in Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Delhi and Gurgaon. According to sources in the Income Tax Department, documents related to tax evasion have been recovered during the search of the locations of actor Sonu Sood and his close businessmen.

During investigation, it was found that Sonu Sood routed a hefty part of black money to fake companies. So far, clues of 20 such fraudulent transactions have been found, which proves that money was diverted through these fake companies for tax evasion. Evidence of issuance of check in lieu of cash has also been found against Sonu Sood. That money was also used for investment and purchase of land by taking loans from fake companies. Sonu Sood defrauded the Income Tax Department to the tune of about Rs 20 crore from this type of fraud.

Violation of FCRA rules

According to the department, a charity foundation started on July 21, 2020, has received about Rs 18.94 crore as donation since March 1 this year. Out of which only about Rs 1.9 crore was used for social services, while Rs 17 crore is still lying in the account of this charity foundation. It has also been found in the investigation that in violation of the rules of FCRA, 2.1 crore rupees were deposited in this charity foundation of Sonu Sood.

Raid here too

According to the Income Tax Department, in this episode of investigation, a businessman close to Sonu Sood was also raided at several locations of Infrastructure Group in Lucknow. Sonu Sood has also invested in many real estate projects of this group, due to which he has also been accused of hiding the earnings. It has been found in the investigation that this group has also misappropriated crores of rupees through bogus billing.

Cash and digital transactions worth crores

The department has recovered documents related to such manipulation of about Rs 65 crore. It has also been learned that this infrastructure group has also done cash and digital transactions worth crores of rupees, which were not shown in the account book. 175 crores This company has also tried to steal by showing investment in a fake infrastructure group of Jaipur. During the search of Income Tax Department, Rs 1 crore 8 lakh cash was recovered and 11 lockers are also under investigation.

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