Increase in prize money for ICC Women’s World Cup 2022

The prize money of the Women’s ODI World Cup (ICC Women’s World Cup 2022) has been announced. Which will be played in New Zealand next month. Before that, good news has come for women cricketers. The total prize money of the Women’s World Cup has been increased by 75 percent. So let us know, what is the percentage increase in the prize money of the 2022 World Cup as compared to the 2017 World Cup?

75% increase in prize money

The Women’s World Cup will be held in New Zealand from March 4 to April 3. Before that the total prize money has been increased. In which the team winning the World Cup will get $1.32 million. That is, the winning team will get around Rs 10 crore as prize money. This prize mini is double from the last World Cup held in 2017. The total prize money of the Women’s World Cup has been increased by 75 percent. Now the prize money of the tournament has increased to $ 3.5 million (about Rs 26 crore). This prize money was $ 1.5 million (Rs 9.75 crore) in the 2017 World Cup.

If we talk about the runner-up of this tournament, then the runner-up team will get 6 lakh dollars (Rs 4.53 crore) as prize money. This is $ 2.70 million more than the prize money received by the runner-up in the 2017 tournament in England. This time, the team that loses in the semi-finals will also get money and they will get 3 lakh dollars (Rs 2.26 crore) as prize money and the team that loses from the group-stage will get 70 thousand dollars. In the last World Cup, this amount was 30 thousand dollars. There has been a substantial increase in the money prize of the losing team this year.

India and Pakistan will compete on 6th March

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Fans of India and Pakistan are eagerly waiting for 6th March. On this day the women’s team of India and Pakistan will be face to face. Cricket is well-liked in both the countries. The first match of the Indian team in the Women’s World Cup will be on 6 March 2022 from Pakistan in Tauranga. Mithali Raj A 15-member team has been announced under the captaincy of (Mithali Raj). Harmanpreet Kaur has been made the vice-captain for the World Cup. Also Richa Ghosh and Tania Bhatia have been selected as wicketkeepers.