Increasing corona and slow vaccination shock India, loss of 28,04,25,56,00,000 crores till June!

India has suffered another setback amid rising corona. In fact, Barclays lowered India’s GDP growth forecast for FY 2022 to 10 per cent from the earlier 11 per cent due to uncertainty arising from slow pace of country vaccination and rising numbers of people dying from infection rates in the second wave of epidemic. Have given.

Global brokerage company Barclays has released the estimate along with the GDP estimate that India may lose about $ 39 billion (28,04,25,56,00,000 crore) by June due to Corona’s second web in India. There is a lockdown in many states of the country and if this lockdown goes on, then it is a matter of concern for the economy.

Goldman’s sash also reduced estimates

On the other hand Goldman Sachs, a Wall Street brokerage company, has slashed India’s growth rate for the current financial year 2021-22. Goldman Sachs has lowered its estimate of India’s economic growth to 11.1 percent in the current financial year from March 31, 2022 to March 31, 2022, after announcing the lockdown to prevent the spread of corona virus infection in many cities and states.

Why guess

Goldman Sachs said, overall, most indicators are still stating that the impact has been less this time than in the second quarter (April-June) of last year. The brokerage firm, however, said that the momentum is expected to return in the third quarter (July-September), as the restrictions may be somewhat lower then. Goldman Sachs estimates that in such a situation, India’s GDP growth rate could be 11.1 percent during FY 2021-22, compared to 11.7 percent earlier.

Issue warning

Global brokerage company Barclays has issued a warning that in the more pessimistic scenario of the epidemic, if the control could not be achieved soon and restrictions on movement continue till August, then the growth rate may fall to 8.8 per cent.

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