IND vs AUS: Rohit Sharma got good news before Nagpur Test, happy. IND vs AUS: Rohit Sharma gets good news ahead of Nagpur Test

India vs Australia: More than 40000 tickets have been sold for the first day of Nagpur Test. Hearing this, Rohit Sharma said that he felt very good that Test cricket is getting a boost.

First Test between India and Australia in Nagpur

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Not much time for the Nagpur Test to begin. Wait a few hours and then start playing. but before the game begins Rohit Sharma Has got good news in Nagpur. This news is such that the Indian captain’s arms have blossomed after listening to it. Why not even bloom? Rohit became a well-known, respected cricketer of world cricket. Now you must be thinking that what is the connection of good news with Rohit Sharma being a cricketer? So tell that the connection is because the news is related to Test cricket.

Actually, Rohit Sharma held a press conference before the Nagpur Test. In this conference, he talked about all the things related to the team. Answered many questions. During this, he also got the news, hearing which his happiness knew no bounds.

Rohit Sharma got good news in Nagpur

Now you must be thinking that Rohit got such news related to Test cricket, due to which he became very happy. So tell that Rohit Sharma was told during the press conference that more than 40000 tickets have been sold for the first day of Nagpur Test. This brought a smile on Rohit’s face.

Rohit happy with boost to Test cricket

Rohit Sharma said, “It is good to hear that so many people will come to watch the match on the very first day itself. This will give a boost to Test cricket. Now spectators will come but for their entertainment the team will also have to play better.

If the audience comes, then entertainment will also have to be done.

Rohit Sharma definitely said that the Test match between India and Australia will be challenging. But this will happen only when there will be an equal competition between both the teams. If this happens, the number of 40,000 tickets that have been sold for the first day in the Nagpur Test may increase in the coming times.

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Explain that between India and Australia Border Gavaskar Trophy The battle is starting from 9th February. The first test match will be played in Nagpur.