IND vs AUS: There is a lot of danger on the pitch of Nagpur, Australia is not afraid like this. IND vs AUS Nagpur Test Vidarbha Cricket Association stadium pitch report India vs Australia

Indian pitches are known for their turning nature and the pitch at Nagpur’s Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium is a great example of this.

The countdown to the Border Gavaskar Trophy has begun. from 9 February India and Australia Will be face to face. The ground will be of Nagpur, where there is a lot of danger on the pitch. Danger of too many turns. The danger of the batting collapsing within 200 runs in the third and fourth innings and beyond this the biggest threat to the outsiders is the spin duo of Ashwin and Jadeja, whose names top the list of bowlers with most wickets. are registered in Now in the midst of so many threats, if there is something like fear somewhere in the hearts and minds of the Australian team, then it is bound to happen.

The Australian team has no experience of playing in Nagpur in the recent past. He played the last Test here in the year 2008, in which the Indian team defeated the Kangaroos by 172 runs. Now after 15 years, the same tragedy should not happen again, this fear is haunting Australia.

Nagpur pitch history

India has so far played 6 Tests against 5 teams on Nagpur’s pitch, out of which 4 have won, 1 has lost, while 1 match has been drawn. That is, the guarantee of the result of the match remains here. And, in this context, people will be more interested in the India-Australia first Test match as well.

Nagpur pitch is ‘heaven’ for spinners

Indian pitches are known for their turning nature and the pitch at Nagpur’s Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium is a great example of this. Spin bowlers start getting help here from day one. This is the reason why the number of his wickets is more in the Test played on this pitch. On the 4th and 5th day, batting on the pitch here is like breaking a mountain. In the year 2015, when India faced South Africa on this pitch, all its 20 wickets were taken by the Indian spinners. Similarly, in the year 2017, in the Test against Sri Lanka, Ashwin Jadeja together took 13 wickets.

No one ahead of Ashwin in taking wickets

If we talk about bowlers taking the most wickets on the Nagpur pitch, then Ashwin is on top with 23 wickets in 3 Tests. At the same time, Ravindra Jadeja is at number four with 12 wickets in the same number of matches. Between these two, Ishant has taken 19 wickets in 6 Tests and Harbhajan Singh has taken 13 wickets in 3 Tests. That is, this time Jadeja will have a chance to overtake Ishant and Harbhajan.

Batting very difficult in Nagpur

Teams have been able to make a total of 500 plus only 3 times in 20 innings of 6 Tests in Nagpur. These scores are also of the first and second innings. The team batting here in the third and fourth innings has collapsed under 200 most of the times.

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As far as the toss is concerned, the team winning the toss has won 3 times in 6 Tests. Similarly, the team which batted first also won thrice. Means the percentage of victory in both the cases has been 50 percent. It is expected that even on February 9, the team winning the toss would want to bat first.