IND vs ENG: Team India’s strength became its weakness, this bitter truth of defeat from Johannesburg to Edgbaston

Three matches and all three have exactly the same result – This year India has had to go through a similar situation.

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This is the third consecutive defeat of the Indian team abroad in 2022 and the climax of the story of the results of these three matches was exactly the same.

Test cricket in the last few years Indian team (Indian Cricket Team) has got more successes abroad. Australia is the biggest example of this, where Team India won the Test series twice in a row. The team was also in a position to win series in England and South Africa, but could not win. Still, the team was in this position because they have an excellent fast bowling attack, which has given consistent successes. This has been the biggest force behind the success of Team India, but the defeat in the Edgbaston Test has again drawn attention to a major weakness of this strength, which now seems to be a serious problem because such a or Not twice, but for the third time in a row.

378 runs not defended

The Edgbaston Test between India and England came to an end on Tuesday, 5 July, in which hosts England won the target of 378 runs. Achieving this target is a big achievement in itself, but much bigger because England achieved it in front of India’s strong bowling. This is a big achievement for England, but it is the real concern for Team India, because this was the third consecutive Test match on foreign soil, in which the Indian team failed to defend its score in the fourth innings.

Bowling edge blunt in the fourth innings

Chasing the target in the fourth innings is never easy and under any circumstances. In that too, when the score is more than 200 or 300, then the chasing team gets success only on a few occasions, but Team India is currently missing in it and it has started from January this year. In January this year on the South Africa tour, Team India lost two consecutive matches like this.

In the second Test played in Johannesburg, South Africa’s relatively weak batting achieved the difficult target of 240 runs for the loss of just 3 wickets. Then in the very next Test held in Cape Town, South Africa again achieved the target of 212 runs in the fourth innings with the loss of 3 wickets.

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Data telling the bitter truth

Now in Edgbaston too, the Indian team could take only 3 wickets, while England achieved the target in about 77 overs. To understand the problem of Team India’s fourth innings more closely, these figures have to be looked at. In the fourth innings of the three Test matches played this year, Indian bowlers bowled a total of 207.5 overs, in which they got only 8 wickets. That is, the team spent an average of 100.25 runs for 1 wicket, while they had to wait 155.8 balls (strike rate) for one wicket. During this, the economy rate of Indian bowlers was also 3.85 runs per over. That is, before the next foreign tour, the Indian team will have to rectify this weakness.