India 5G rollout fastest in world while 6G launch expected by 2029 report

It is only a few months since the launch of 5G in India that India’s telecom sector is showing signs of rapid progress. 5G was launched in India in October 2022. After 5G, India is preparing to launch 6G, regarding which a big update has come out from the Telecom Ministry. It has been said by the ministry that by 2029, 6G will have knocked in India. Apart from this, many things have been said here about the condition of the telecom sector.

Union IT and Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has said that India 5G is progressing very rapidly. After this, India’s eyes will be on 6G. deccan harald’s Report According to, the minister told the media during the event of India Startup Summit & Expo that by 2029 there is a plan to bring 6G in India. He said, ‘We are laying the foundation for 6G. 6G will come in India by 2029-30.

Explaining further, the minister said, ‘The roll out of 5G in India was started on 1 October 2022,’ according to the report. It was launched simultaneously in 13 cities of the country. By December 2023, a target was set to bring 5G to 200 cities in India, but so far it has reached 397 cities, far beyond that. Till now no one in the world has seen the expansion of 5G in any country so fast.

According to the publication’s report, by 2025, more than 300 million people in India will be using 5G. It has been said that further acceleration in the expansion of 5G services will come after the boom in retail. Aside telecom companies While 5G is progressive in providing services, in retail 5G technology The availability of handsets is also a big factor. Currently out of 15 to 17 crore smartphones coming in India, 30-35% handsets are 5G enabled. Gradually it will improve further, the number of users using 5G in the country will increase significantly.


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