India is allergic to facts… Swara Bhasker raised questions on the censor board! Said this on the cut scenes of ‘Bheed’

Swara Bhasker Tweet: Director Anubhav Sinha’s mob has been released in theaters today, March 24. The film is getting highlighted with the release. Swara Bhaskar has also made a tweet on this, which is becoming increasingly viral.

Swara Bhaskar

Image Credit source: Instagram

Director Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Bheed’ mired in controversiesBheed) is released in theaters today, March 24. The film is making headlines with its release. Recently Swara Bhaskar has also tweeted about this. Swara has tweeted about the cut shots of the film, which is becoming increasingly viral. You also see what Swara said on Twitter?

Swara Bhaskar has tweeted this on her official Instagram. In this tweet, he has targeted the scenes which have been cut after the ruckus created after the release of the trailer of the film. Swara has also raised questions on the censor board in the tweet. He has said that ‘India is allergic to facts’. Please tell that people’s reactions are coming on this post of Swara.

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Swara Bhaskar’s tweet

While replying to Swara’s tweet, a user wrote that let the makers release the film on OTT with uncut scenes. While another wrote that when you have so many problems with this country, why did you leave here? does not go Apart from this, many people have also called this tweet as Swara’s new propaganda.

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13 scenes were cut from the film

Please inform that Swara Bhaskar has tweeted this while replying to the tweet of a person named Arun Deep. To which Swara’s reply has come, that tweet mentions all those scenes of the crowd which have been removed from the film. In the shared picture, you can see that there is a copy of a certificate detail in which 13 scenes have been cut. In this, from the speech of PM Modi to the Corona period, it was compared to the time of independence, all these are mentioned.