‘India-US ties have weakened under Biden,’ says Kash Patel, Donald Trump’s hope of contesting re-election in 2024

Patel told ‘PTI-Bhasha’ in an interview that there is a good chance of former President Donald Trump contesting again in 2024. He said bilateral relations have deteriorated under the Biden administration.

Former national security assistant and Indian-American Kash Patel

America (America) Former national security assistant to former US President Donald Trump and Indian-American Kash Patel said that the current President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) in the administration of America And India’s relations have weakened. Patel had been the Chief of Staff to the acting Defense Secretary of the US during the last few weeks of the previous Trump administration. Patel told ‘PTI-Bhasha’ in an interview that former President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) There is a good chance of contesting elections again in 2024. He said bilateral relations have deteriorated under the Biden administration.

The former Pentagon chief of staff has attended Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rallies in Houston and Ahmedabad in September 2019 and February 2020. Patel said, ‘The relations have weakened. President Trump and Prime Minister Modi have had an extraordinary relationship and they were working together to deal with things like China’s aggressive stance, not only on the Indian border but globally. They were also working together on Pakistan in counter-terrorism cases and hostage-like situations. ,

‘The situation in Afghanistan has now worsened’

On worsening the situation with the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan, he said that he believed that the US would have no option but to send its troops to the ground in 18 months. In response to a question, he said that the situation in Afghanistan has now worsened. “I think unfortunately the old forces will return to Afghanistan, probably in about 18 months or so,” he said. I think the terror of ISIS and al-Qaeda and the Taliban has increased. This is not a good thing not only for America but also for the world in terms of security. ,

America needs strong leadership amid Ukraine crisis

Patel said the US, caught in the midst of the Ukraine crisis, needs a strong leadership, in which President Joe Biden has failed miserably. He said that Trump of the Republican Party feels strongly that the country needs a change in leadership and the leadership should be strong. Indian-American Patel said the rise of China is similar to what Russian President Vladimir Putin is behaving globally. Putin is doing it in Ukraine and Chinese President Xi Jinping is doing the same in Taiwan. US President Joe Biden spoke on a secure call with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a White House official said . At the same time, the European Union condemned Putin’s decision. The union said that Putin had grossly violated the International Minsk Agreement.

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