India vs bangladesh virender sehwag Venkatesh Prasad slams team india | IND vs BAN: Venkatesh Prasad exposed Team India, insisted for change

India lost the ODI series to Bangladesh. India’s shameful defeat is being criticized all over the world. Indian legends Virender Sehwag and Venkatesh Prasad have narrated it fiercely.

India lost the second ODI by 5 runs

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India had to face a humiliating defeat in the ODI series at the hands of Bangladesh. In the second ODI, Bangladesh defeated Rohit Sharma-led team by 5 runs and captured the ODI series. After this shameful defeat, the Indian team is being criticized all over the world. Indian veterans are also telling the team fiercely. Virender SehwagVenkatesh Prasad blew the team to pieces.

Sehwag and Venkatesh insisted on change. Sehwag even tweeted and said that his performance is falling faster than crypto. This is the time to be alert. It’s time to wake up.

India needs to take tough decisions

On the other hand, Venkatesh Prasad, who was seen in the race to become a selector, exposed the skin of the Indian team. He tweeted that India is innovating in many fields around the world, but when it comes to playing limited overs cricket, our approach is decades old. After getting knocked out in the first round itself in the 2015 World Cup, England took tough and tough decisions and after that became a great team. India also needs to take tough decisions.

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Disadvantages after the start of IPL

former indian legend Venkatesh Prasad Further said that change the approach. Ever since the IPL started, we haven’t won a single T20 World Cup and in the last 5 years have gotten worse in ODIs as well. Not learning from their mistakes and becoming a great team in ODI cricket is far away. He insisted on change. Talking about the Indian team, before losing the ODI series to Bangladesh, India had also lost the ODI series to New Zealand. India has lost 2 consecutive ODI series. The defeat against Bangladesh also caused a lot of damage to his reputation. India lost the first ODI by one wicket and the second ODI by 5 runs.