India vs Indonesia, Thomas Cup Final: For the first time in 73 years ‘We’ became Alexander, hoisted the tricolor in Thomas Cup

India won the Thomas Cup for the first time in 73 years

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Thomas Match Report 2022: India has beaten the most successful team of Thomas Cup. Kidambi Srikanth hit the last nail in India’s victory.

The waiting hours are over. Forget what happened earlier. This is New India and the new players of New India celebrate the work they have done by waving the tricolor in Bangkok. Whatever has not happened in the last 73 years has been done. India has beaten the most successful team of Thomas Cup. He has been told the meaning of confronting Indians. He has shown the power of badminton of India. To say that the final was of 5 games. But, where were the shuttlers of India supposed to believe? He was in a hurry to win. When they were full of enthusiasm, they played the Indonesian band from 3-0. Kidambi Srikanth last nail in India’s victory (Kidambi Srikanth) Hit it.

Christie is a big name player of Indonesia, but, Srikanth crushed them very easily. The match did not even go till the third game, in just two games, Srikanth showed Christie about his India. Explained that Indonesia will be the 14-time champion, but this time India will win the title.

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India became champion with Srikanth’s victory

Srikanth won the match against Christie by 21-15 and 23-22. The difference in the result is enough to tell that in the first game, the Indonesian shuttler would not have even cracked around. Yes, the second game was definitely tight. Once it even felt that Srikanth might have to play the third game as well. But, then made a tremendous comeback and with that, ended the story of becoming a champion and being called.