India vs South Africa T20 Match Preview: Win Delhi, beat world record, India demand 13-0 against South Africa!

First T20 between India and South Africa on 9 June

Image Credit source: BCCI/CSA

IND Vs SA T20 Match Highlights: At present, the Indian team is on equal footing with the world records set by Afghanistan and Romania. But by winning Delhi against South Africa, Team India can beat this record.

Wait is over. India and South Africa (India vs South Africa) The game between now will start. Delhi is at stake. The world record is on target. At the last moment, there has been a reshuffle in Team India. His captain has changed. What work KL Rahul (KL Rahul) Was to be under the captaincy of, it will now be under the leadership of Rishabh Pant. team india The fund is clear to win Delhi, beat the world record. At present, the world record made by the Indian team Afghanistan and Romania (World Record) is equal to. All three have a world record for winning 12 consecutive T20 matches. But the Indian team can now beat this record by winning Delhi against South Africa. He has a golden opportunity to make that world record completely his own.

India started the campaign to make a world record from November 2021. The first team he defeated was Afghanistan. After that he won the next 11 matches against Scotland, Namibia, New Zealand, West Indies and Sri Lanka. Now the next number in this episode is from South Africa. However, the challenge of the Proteas team will not be that easy, then why not India are playing on their own soil. There are two reasons for this – first, the less experienced of Team India and second, the poor record against South Africa in T20 on home soil.

‘Young’ India vs Experienced South Africa

Team India, which looked a bit experienced, has less experience left after KL Rahul and Kuldeep Yadav were out of the series. On the other hand, South Africa’s team is in its full strength. Due to many of his players playing in the IPL, the conditions of India are also well known. That is, Youngistan will have to play every bet under a well thought out strategy.

Record bad at home against South Africa

Talking about the record against South Africa on the home ground, then let us tell you that till date India has not won any T20 series against South Africa on its land. Till date, there have been 4 T20 matches between the two teams on Indian grounds, in which Team India has won only one match, while South Africa has won three matches.

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Team India Twenty in Overall Figures

However, if we look at the overall figures in T20 of both the teams, then India seems to have the upper hand. Since 2006, both the teams have faced each other 15 times, in which Team India has won 9 times while South Africa has won only on 6 occasions. As far as the last 5 clashes between the two teams are concerned, both the teams have won 2-2 matches, while one match was canceled.