India vs South Korea Men’s Hockey Asia Cup Report: India’s dream of winning the title broken, now the match will be played for bronze medal

Indian hockey team has not reached the final. (Pic Credit HI)

Ind vs Kor Hockey Team Highlights: To go to the final, India should have won this match in any case but it could not achieve this victory.

The current winners Indian Men’s Hockey Team will not be able to defend their title in the Asia Cup-2022. For this, he should have won the last match of Super-4 with South Korea in the match played on Tuesday, but the match ended in a draw. Both India and Korea showed a strong game and the match ended in a 4-4 draw. Korea’s goal difference was better so they got a place in the final of Asia Cup-2022 and now they will face Malaysia in the final which beat Japan 5-0. Indian team will compete for bronze medal.

For India, Neelam Sanjeep scored in the eighth minute, Dipsan Turki in the 20th, Gowda in the 21st minute and Maresveeran in the 36th minute. For Korea, Jonghyun Jang scored 12th, Cheon Ji 17th, Junghu 27th, Manje Jung scored in 43rd minute.

first quarter equals

India started aggressively and got a penalty corner in the second minute itself, but they could not convert it into a goal. In the eighth minute, India got another penalty corner and this time Neelam did not let this opportunity go by hand. He put the ball in the net with a clean hit and put India ahead 1-0. Korea tried to dominate at the end of this quarter and it was successful . He got a penalty corner on which the goal was scored. After the first quarter the score was tied at 1-1.

Korea’s strong game in the second quarter

From the start of the second quarter, Korea put India under pressure and took the lead. He made the score 2-1 through a field goal in the 17th minute. India, however, equalized and scored in the 20th minute. India got a penalty corner and this time Dipson put the ball in the net. The very next minute India scored another goal. In the 21st minute, Vishnukant took the ball and went ahead. He gave this ball to his partner Gowda and he put the ball in the net while dodging the Korean goalkeeper. Here India was ahead 3-2. The Korean team did not give up. Kim scored the third goal in the 27th minute. it was a field goal

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Such was the condition of the third and fourth quarters

In the third quarter, both the teams were successful in scoring one goal each. Mariswaran scored this goal in the 36th minute. The Indian player took the ball and put the moving ball in front of the goalpost. Standing there, Mariswaran scored the fourth goal for India by putting the ball in the gap with the gesture of his hockey. The Korean team again scored in the 43rd minute and leveled the score. After this, in the last quarter, India and Korea could not score even after all the efforts and India was out of the race for the final.