Indian-American diplomat ‘Azra Zia’ will come to India for Tibet affairs, tour starting from May 17

Azra Jia to visit India and Nepal

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Indian American Uzra Zeya: America’s Indian-origin diplomat Azra Zia is about to visit India and Nepal. The purpose of his visit is to increase cooperation on other issues including human rights and democratic governance.

America Indian-origin diplomat for Tibet Affairs in Azra Zia (Indian American Uzra Zeya) is going to visit India and Nepal from 17 to 22 May. The purpose of his visit is to strengthen cooperation with both countries to advance human rights, democratic governance and humanitarian priorities. The US State Department has issued a press release regarding his visit. In which it is said, ‘Under Secretary for Civil Defense, Democracy and Human Rights Affairs and Tibetan Affairs (Tibetan Issues) that America’s Special Coordinator is going to visit India and Nepal from May 17-22.

The press release further said, ‘The purpose of his visit is to advance cooperation on human rights, democratic governance and humanitarian priorities.’ Zia will also discuss partnership with India and Nepal during this Year of Action for Summit for Democracy. The delegation accompanying him will also include Anjali Kaur, Deputy Assistant Administration for Asian Affairs of the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Decades of Foreign Policy Experience

Earlier in December, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that Azra Zia would be the Special Coordinator for Tibetan Affairs. The International Campaign for Tibet, which campaigns for Tibet internationally, welcomed this announcement of America. He also expressed the hope that he would actively work to enhance dialogue between the Dalai Lama’s envoys and the Chinese leadership. Zia has decades of US foreign policy experience. It also includes Tibetan affairs. He is part of the Joe Biden administration’s team to resolve the Tibetan issue.

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Tibetans living under oppressive rule

These matters include promoting the Tibetan identity, preserving its culture and heritage, and cooperating with the human rights of the Tibetan people. The people of Tibet have been forced to live under the repressive rule of China for more than six decades. On the other hand, Jia is an Indian American officer, who is working on all issues to solve the problems related to these people. She is the first Indian American to play this role. On the other hand, if we talk about India, then the largest population who has been deported from Tibet lives here.