Indian bowler blew the stumps, England’s batsmen were helpless, this video will make them happy

Many players of Team India are in England these days and are part of county cricket there, where apart from County Championship, they are showing their strength in the ODI Cup tournament.

Umesh Yadav took 5 wickets, out of which 3 were bowled.

Image Credit source: screenshot/twitter

Indian Cricket Team registered a spectacular victory in the West Indies. Team India won 4-1 in the five-match series. It is discussed everywhere. also discussed Asia Cup Indian team selected for Who came in, who was thrown out. That’s what everyone is talking about. But there is also a bowler of Team India, who was neither in the West Indies nor will go to the Asia Cup, yet he is getting rid of the batsmen’s sixes with his balls. These bowlers are Umesh YadavWho wreaked havoc in England.