Indian Idol 12 : Himesh Reshammiya gets scolded by his wife at home, said – does not even allow food to be eaten throughout the day

Singing reality show Indian Idol 12 comes every week with a special episode to win over the audience. Today’s special special was dedicated to Himesh Reshammiya. In today’s episode, top 8 contestants sang songs composed by Himesh Reshammiya. After which Himesh Reshammiya also became emotional. For Himesh Reshammiya, his wife Sonia also gave a special message, after hearing which his eyes were filled with tears.

Himesh Reshammiya’s wife Sonia says – Himesh I love you. Talking about the form of a husband, I give him 11 out of 10. You can’t fight with him because he doesn’t want to fight. He sings songs for me, mixes songs for me. Makes me feel very special. The things that we cannot say in words, Himesh easily says it by putting it in songs. I am lucky that you came in my life. My life starts with you and ends with you.

gets scolded at home

Himesh gets tears in his eyes after listening to Sonia’s message. He says I am not very emotional with it because what is there and keeps scolding all day. Man does not even allow to eat food all day. It should be, it should be, you look like this, your makeup is not right. Yours is not right. Now how much should I change myself man. She is right all the time and I am wrong. Why fight when I always have to be wrong? You’re right and I’m wrong.

Emotional listening to the song of Sayali

Contestant Saylee Kamble performed on the song Kyunki Itna Pyaar Tumko Karte Hain Hum. Himesh Reshammiya became emotional after seeing his performance and his eyes were filled with tears. After the performance, Himesh praised Sayali a lot. While praising Sayali, he said – your voice brought tears to my eyes. There is magic in your voice.

Let us tell you that the title track of Himesh Reshammiya’s album Suroor 2021 has been released. Audience is very much liking this song. Himesh has won everyone’s heart with his look.

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