Indian Idol 12: Manoj Muntashir had told Shammi Kapoor this wrong thing, now apologized on social media

Singing reality show Indian Idol 12 wins its viewers’ hearts every week. Every week there are special guests in the show who make it to the show. On the past weekend, the show was accompanied by lyricist and screenwriter Manoj Muntshir with Anu Malik. Where he had a special conversation with the Contestants and narrated many old stories. Manoj Muntashir talked about Bollywood veteran Shammi Kapoor on the show. Talking about Shammi Kapoor, he had told some wrong facts about which he has now apologized on social media.

In a recent episode of Indian Idol, one thing was said about Shammi Kapoor. He said that Shammi Kapoor had convinced Geeta Bali for marriage. He was shooting his film at that time. Manoj told that Geeta Bali agreed to the wedding by Shammi Kapoor on one condition. He said that he had asked her to marry him the same night.

Shammi Kapoor also agreed to the wedding that night, he had made all the preparations but he forgot to bring sindoor. However, it was also arranged later. He filled her demand with red colored lipstick kept in Geeta Bali bag. Their marriage lasted for ten years. In 1965, Geeta Bali left this world saying goodbye.

After narrating this story, Manoj said that Shammi Kapoor never married after this but the truth is something else. Four years after the death of Geeta Bali, Shammi Kapoor married Neela Devi in ​​1969. In 2011, Nila Devi left the world saying goodbye.

Apologize by tweeting

Now Manoj has apologized to the fans by tweeting. He tweeted – Like all of you, I am also a big fan of Hindi cinema. Sometimes fans even make mistakes without wanting to. I apologize for the factual mistake made in today’s episode. After the death of Geeta Bali ji, Shammi ji married Neela Devi.


Manoj Muntashir has also appeared in Indian Idol 12 before. Every time he comes on the show, he gives encouragement to the contestants and narrates many funny stories.

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