Indian Idol 12: What a Fake Singing Reality Show? Contestant Anjali Gaikwad told this big truth

The audience likes the Indian Idol show a lot, but this season is facing a lot of criticism. There is some controversy about the show. Recently, Contestant Anjali Gaikwad was out of the show, which left the audience very disappointed. After Anjali’s exit, a lot of anger was expressed about the show on social media. Fans say that Shanmukhpriya should have been out of the show instead of Anjali. At the same time, the show was accused of being fake.

Now Anjali has given her reaction on the allegations on the show and the rest of the controversy. Talking to Bollywood Life, Anjali said, ‘We got a lot of compliments in the first 2-3 months, but as the show progressed, there was a lot of negativity about the show. People started trolling the show and started making negative comments about the show and the makers on social media too. I would not like to take names, but some people had said that the makers of the show are highlighting only one person and not the rest. But we ignored these things and fought this negativity. We only focused on our singing because finally we are here to prove our singing.

Anjali said, ‘We cannot stop people on social media. We ignore those comments and think only about our songs. I did all this and reached the top 9. This is a big deal for me because I have worked very hard to reach the top 9 and I am very lucky.

On being out a few days before the finale, Anjali said, ‘I didn’t feel bad. This is the format of the show and someone has to be out of the show. My father said that a lot has to be done and the future ahead is very bright. Yes, it felt a little bad, but then I increased my confidence back. I told myself that I have to work harder and introduce classical singing to the world. I want to do shows all over India and outside the country.

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