Indian-origin woman commits suicide in America, was victimized by husband’s torture for giving birth to daughters

In New York, USA, a woman of Indian origin committed suicide after being fed up with her husband’s harassment. The woman had made the video before committing suicide. In which the woman has accused the husband of harassing her for not having a son. The woman has two daughters.

Mandeep Kaur, a resident of Bijnor in UP, was married in 2015. After which she went to America.

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An Indian-origin woman committed suicide in America recently. America The reason behind the suicide of a woman living with her husband in New York is coming to the fore. It is very shameful and sad. In fact, the woman had made an allegation of harassment by her husband for giving birth to daughters before committing suicide. Whose videos are becoming increasingly viral after the woman’s suicide. According to the information, the woman who committed suicide has two daughters, in which the elder daughter is 4 years old and the younger daughter is 2 years old.

The woman went to America from Bijnor after getting married 8 years ago

The woman who accused her husband of harassing her in New York City of America is originally from Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. According to a report by NDTV, the woman who committed suicide was 30 years old and her name was Mandeep Kaur. According to the report, Mandeep Kaur, a resident of Bijnor, was married to Ranjodhbir Singh Sandhu in 2015. After which she went to America. Now after his suicide, there is an atmosphere of mourning in the family. After her suicide, now the family members of the woman have sought help from the government to bring her body to India.

Woman made video before suicide

The case of suicide of an Indian-origin woman in New York has gone viral through social media. Actually, the woman had made a video before the suicide, which was shared by the woman from her Instagram account. Speaking in Punjabi, the woman accuses her husband and in-laws of “forcing” her to commit suicide. In the video, the woman who committed suicide is heard saying about her torture, “Beared it all, hopefully one day he will mend his ways. It’s been eight years now. I can’t bear the daily beatings anymore, Dad, I’m going to die, please forgive me.”

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Husband’s torture video goes viral

Videos of torture given by her husband to a woman who committed suicide are going viral for many days. In one of these videos, daughters can be heard screaming. At the same time, in a video, a woman who committed suicide is accusing her husband of being held captive in a truck for five days. These videos have been shared from The Kaur Movement page on Instagram. At the same time, a campaign has also started on social media to punish the accused husband of the woman who committed suicide.