Indian player met mother after 9 years, Rohit Sharma gave a chance

The player, who dismissed the Rajasthan Royals captain in his debut match in IPL 2022, said that he left home due to a stubbornness

Karthikeya Singh made his debut in this season of IPL

Image Credit source: Kartikeya Singh twitter

New Delhi. If you meet your mother after 9 years 3 months i.e. 3375 days, then how would you describe that moment in words. Perhaps that happiness cannot be described. It is impossible to describe this moment in words even for Indian cricketer Karthikeya Singh, who met his mother and his family exactly 9 years and 3 months later. He captured that moment in the camera, but could not tell that feeling.

Debut for Mumbai Indians

Kartikeya, who left the house for a reason, shared a picture of himself with his mother on social media and said that he cannot tell his feelings. Karthikeya in IPL 2022 Mumbai Indians Debut from side. Kartikeya had left the house to fulfill his dream and had decided that he would return home only after doing something. Mumbai Indians, the most successful IPL team, bought Kartikeya for a base price of Rs 20 lakh. He made his IPL debut against Rajasthan Royals and made a mark in the very first match. Karthikeya sent Rajasthan captain Sanju Samson to the pavilion.

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wanted to see the reaction of the family

Mumbai shared a video of him during the IPL. In which he had said that when he left the house, only then he had decided that he would go home only after achieving something. Mumbai supported him a lot. He told that when his bowling came, then captain Rohit Sharma said that you do a cool bowler, the rest he will see. Karthikeya told that his father had seen his match sitting with the entire battalion. In the video, Kartikeya also said that when he goes home after 9 years, he wants to see the reaction of the family.