Indians beat Chinese in Britain, UK gave maximum visa to Indian students

According to statistics, the number of visas granted to Indian students has seen an increase of 273% in the last few years, due to which this figure has increased rapidly.

Britain gave the maximum number of visas to Indians

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Britain Indian students have for the first time overtaken Chinese students as the largest group of foreign students studying in the U.S. This information has been revealed in the official immigration statistics of Britain released on Thursday. According to statistics, in the last few years Indian students The number of visas granted has seen an increase of 273%, making the figure grow exponentially.

It has been told in media reports that Indians topped the list of those who got visas in the category of skilled workers. It has been told in the report that last year 56,042 Indians were given visa in this category. It has also been reported that there has been a 36% increase in the number of Indians getting visas in the health and medical sector in the UK. Indians living in Britain are mostly involved in this profession.

1,27,731 got student visa in 2022

The report states that a total of 34,261 Indian students were granted visas in 2019 while 1,27,731 students were granted visas in 2022. Indian students keep Britain at the top as study destination points. In recent years, both the countries have emphasized on making the facilities more accessible to the citizens. In this regard, in July 2021, Britain launched the Graduate Route, through which Indians can stay in Britain for a maximum of two years to look for work or work. India’s students and skilled workers especially make a big contribution to the UK economy.

India-UK Roadmap 2030

The Graduate Route (GR) has brought great relief to students across the world, including India, and has been of great help to students and professionals seeking to move to the UK. The Government of India, along with the Government of Britain, is trying to open many avenues for Indians. In this episode, there is also a free trade agreement between the two countries, which can prove to be better for the citizens of both the countries. In the year 2021, India-UK had also prepared a roadmap for 2030, which aims to provide better facilities for each other’s students, teachers and researchers in the coming time.

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