India’s first win in Thomas Cup has declared our ‘firepower’ on the world stage

Thomas Cup victory proved the iron of Indian badminton

Image Credit source: PTI

India created history by defeating Indonesia in Thomas Cup 2022 Final. Lakshya Sen, Satwik-Chirag and finally Kidambi Srikanth gave Team India victory. Won the title after 73 years.

Bikram Vohra.

He came, he saw and played and he won our hearts. Indian shuttler and now Thomas Cup (Thomas Cup 2022 Final) The winners have busted many myths about the mindset of Indians. The grit and determination shown by Lakshya Sen, Kidambi Srikanth, HS Prannoy and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty dashed the notion that Indians were not made for sports. For a long time, we have often allowed these misconceptions to flourish in our minds in a foolish way. If we leave cricket, we are left behind at the national level in other places.

When Chirag and Satwik saved four match points, it was considered a great return to the game. Lakshya’s counter-attack, with Kidambi’s resolve, Prannoy’s performance despite an injury against Rasmus Gamke, was unbelievable. It breaks the notion of lack of strength and lack of stamina.

the jokers are now saluting

In all professional events, doubts are being spread among players about themselves. It is said that Indians do not have that winning power. We play well only in the country and prove to be useless at the international level. In fact, we ourselves have allowed others to laugh at ourselves. The words being used here are few to describe the situation. It is said that our diet is faulty, in a vegetarian country, players do not get the necessary protein to reach the top in the game. We are going to eat rice and pulses. In the battle of life, we give up very quickly and believe in karma and luck which gives us an excuse to consider ourselves normal and we try not to touch the sky. Be it art or science, technology or business, famous and successful Indians who aspire to soar high have to leave the country because Indian has been assumed to mean mediocre. This is once again the same excuse that prevents us from flying high and gives us another excuse to give up.

Badminton players increased the pride of the country

For fifty years, we have always apologized for our position that we should never aspire to fly high and should not show courage. To make most people weak and run according to others, a mantra is read in our mind that we should recognize our status. These are all our own imposed limits that must be broken. It is said that there is not enough in the DNA of Indians. We have mostly incompetent, corrupt coaches or teachers and the infrastructure is also poor which puts us on the verge of defeat instead of excellence. There was a time when we used to run after foreigners because we believed they were better than us. Now we play the game well and fly the plane well because we have the confidence and the chance to choose the best. Be it in sports or any other walk of life, inspirational performance is our birthright and the badminton team has made it happen.

Perhaps a new generation of Indians is breaking out of the shackles of colonial blackmail. Look Winston Churchill, today Indian mystics are also making a splash. And they should make a splash. Because the will and confidence to win is now clearly visible in Indians and it is visible in every field. Our winning numbers are not as small as to fill a few bubbles of water. This is another unnecessary misconception which we have cultivated in our mind. We will soon get used to being called to the podium again and again after a win. Be it medical field, finance, state-of-the-art technology, literature, cuisine or architecture, you name it, and now the intervention of Indians is increasing in every field…. And the same is happening in the game as well. We are doing better in cricket and our hunger to do better in other events will not diminish.