Indore Test’s ‘decision’ overturned, BCCI’s strength was seen, got a big win! , Indore pitch rating changed to below average from ‘poor’ after BCCI Appeal india vs australia

The pitch of Indore’s Holkar Stadium, which was said to be bad, now the ICC has to change its rating. The BCCI had appealed against the decision of the ICC match referee, the result of which has come.

Big win for BCCI in Indore Test!

Image Credit source: AFP

New Delhi. Even though Team India was defeated in the third Test match played between India and Australia at the Holkar Stadium in Indore, now the BCCI has got a big victory on the pitch of the same ground. In fact, the BCCI has forced the ICC to kneel down on the matter of the pitch. let me know Indore Test It was finished in just three days and the Holkar Stadium pitch was classified as poor by the match referee but now the pitch rating has to be changed by the ICC.

The BCCI had appealed against the poor rating for the pitch used in the Indore Test. The BCCI had argued that the Indore pitch was not dangerous for anyone. After this, the ICC has given a below average rating instead of this poor rating. Means now the pitch of Indore will get only one demerit point instead of 3 demerit points.

What happened on the pitch in Indore?

Please tell that the Indore test was over in three days. 14 wickets fell on the first day of the Indore Test. In this match, 26 out of 31 wickets were taken by the spinners. Let us tell you that Team India was defeated in this match. After the result of this match, the big thing was that questions were raised on the pitch and former captain Sunil Gavaskar called it ridiculous. Gavaskar said that there was no danger to any batsman on the pitch, so how did this pitch get spoiled. After this, the BCCI appealed against the decision of the match referee, after which the ICC had to change the pitch rating.

India and Australia reach WTC Final

By the way, the loss of defeat in Indore Test Team India didn’t happen to After Indore, the Ahmedabad Test was a draw and with this Team India won the series 2-1. As soon as the Sri Lankan team lost the first Test in New Zealand, Team India’s place in the final of the World Test Championship was confirmed. Let us tell you that India will compete with Australia in the final and this competition will be held on June 7 at The Oval ground in England. Australia’s team has reached the final of the World Test Championship for the first time, while on the other hand, Team India has made it to the final for the second time in a row. Last time Team India was defeated by New Zealand in the final.