Industry Day celebrated in DSEU, more than 80 companies involved, emphasis on increasing employment

The Industry Day celebrated by DSEU is the first event organized to bring together experts from industry and academia, in which companies including HDFC, JLL, Maruti Suzuki participated.

People who participated in the program of DSEU.

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Capital Delhi Celebrating the unique model of industry collaboration at Skill University located in DSEU, the first Industry Day has been organized at DSEU. Where Kaushal University has laid great emphasis on imparting skills to the youth and incorporating the needs of the industry in the higher education system. Taking a step in this direction, DSEU has entered into contracts with more than 70 companies in the last two years. It has ensured that every program of the university is industry-linked.

Also designed in collaboration with experts from industry and academia. The Industry Day, celebrated by DSEU, is the first event organized to bring together experts from the industry and academia. At the same time, more than 100 industry members from more than 80 organizations like JLL, Maruti Suzuki, HDFC, Boston Consulting Group, Bank of Baroda, Macmillan, Metropolis etc. have participated in this event organized at India International Center.

VC said – students will not only be prepared for the degree but also for the job

During this, welcoming all the members, Pro Vice Chancellor of DSEU, Prof. Rihan Khan Suri said that it would be fair to say that this day has been possible only because of our industry partners present here. We are extremely grateful that you have recognized our vision and have been an essential part of achieving the university’s goal of empowering students with skills, under which students will be made job-ready, not just with degrees. Our industry partners are supporting DSEU in providing an education that includes embedded apprenticeships, internships and grooming students with real-world experiences.

Students will get the best opportunity

At the same time, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Neharika Vohra said that we all should note that higher education needs to be made a collaborative effort of the university, industry and community. If we keep teaching in university only with books and don’t prepare our students for the real world. In such a situation, the industry keeps complaining about the lack of talent and trained employees. Both academia and industry need to accept responsibility and see how we can work together. It is the responsibility of the university to ensure that the students are being taught what is necessary for the 21st century. I can’t think of a better way to connect the students with industry people and provide them with the opportunity to learn according to their needs. Along with industry support in all the programmes, our focus is also on student development, she added. are. As emphasized in the new education policy also. I would like to thank all my more than 80 industry partners.

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Know who attended the program?

The event began with a panel discussion on Future of Skilling – Engagement of Industry and Academia, with esteemed panelists Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Co-Founder, Info Edge, Dr Alka Mittal, Former CMD, ONGC, Sanjeev Vashisht, MD & CEO, Path Kind Labs. , CBRE MD Rajesh Pandit, IIM Ahmedabad Professor of Strategy Dr. Amit Karna participated. He shared views on the need for the university and industry to train students in choice making, problem solving and preparedness to invest in themselves. Also Dr. Nita Pradhan Das thanked all the panellists, industry members and all the members of the university for working shoulder to shoulder for the youth of Delhi in improving their skills.