International Ozone Day: What is ozone after all, due to which human life can be put to a full stop

The world celebrates International Ozone Day on 16 September. As Ozone Day, people would once again promise to save the earth from dangerous particles. You must have heard about the ozone layer from your school days. But have you ever tried to know what is the ozone layer? Let us tell you about it on this special day.

The ozone layer is actually a cover made of gas that protects the earth from the dangerous rays of the sun. It is only because of this layer that life on earth is possible. It is very important to save the ozone layer not only for this generation but for many generations to come. Due to this layer, success in saving the earth from global warming will be achieved.

Also important for eco-system

This layer has not only protected the health of human beings, but has also saved the eco-system. Due to the ozone layer, dangerous ultraviolet rays do not reach the earth. According to the United Nations, ozone is present in the atmosphere in very small quantities. Even after this, along with human welfare, it is very important for agriculture and living. Most of the Earth’s surface remains in the ozone layer.

where is the ozone layer

This is the layer of the atmosphere which is more than 10 kilometers from the surface. The chemical formula of ozone is O3. There are three oxygen atoms in an ozone molecule. Ozone was discovered in the lab in the mid-1800s. Ozone reacts rapidly with many chemicals. Good ozone, also called stratospheric ozone, is considered good for humans and other organisms. It observes the UV rays emanating from the sun. If it is not observed, then the strong rays will reach the surface of the earth. It is dangerous for humans as well as every human being.

is ozone depleting

Ozone in the atmosphere is measured in several ways. Today the ozone layer is decreasing day by day. Industries and modern lifestyle have influenced it a lot. Ozone-depleting substances called ODS enter the atmosphere due to industries and other processes. ODS are manufactured from halogen gases which are regulated worldwide by the Montreal Protocol.

These gases bring chlorine and bromine atoms into the stratosphere. Here they destroy ozone by doing chemical reactions. The biggest example is chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). This gas is used in all those appliances including AC which are helpful in cooling. Halones, which were used as fire extinguishing agents. Chlorine and bromine are the most reactive gases that participate in catalytic reactions that easily destroy ozone.

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