Invest in the stocks of these banks, you can get up to 40% returns

Share Market Stock Tips: By investing money in these banking stocks, you can earn more profit in less time. Let us know which banks are involved in this.

Want to earn big money from share market? Invest in the stocks of these banks, you can get up to 40% returns

Share Market Stock Tips: If you are going to invest keeping in mind the increasing interest rates on fixed deposits, then we tell you an option where you can get more returns than FD through bank. (High Return) Can get. Today we are going to tell you about some banking stocks where you can invest money on which market experts are expressing their confidence. Economics Times According to the report, the performance of many banks is expected to improve in the coming time and investors are interested in these. Stocks (stocks) Giving investment advice. More than 10 analysts have given their advice on these banks and these stocks are expected to gain more than 20-40% in one year.

These stocks are placed in front of you after analyzing important components like Earnings, Fundamentals, Relative Valuation, Risk and Price Momentum. Let us know which are these banking stocks.

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You can get strong returns on investing in these banks

Bank Name Mean Target Price
close price
Target vs. Current(%)
Analyst count
Bandhan Bank Ltd. 311.00 206.05 50.90 28
City Union Bank Ltd. 193.00 134.30 43.70 22
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd 36.40 25.55 42.50 14
State Bank of India 711.00 525.40 35.30 43
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd 134.00 99.05 35.30 12
ICICI Bank Ltd 1,110.00 830.35 33.70 42
Indusind Bank Ltd 1,420.00 1,064.00 33.50 45
DCB Bank Ltd 138.00 104.10 32.60 22
Axis Bank Ltd 1,100.00 832.85 32.10 42
Federal Bank Ltd. 166.00 127.75 29.90 29
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd 2,120.00 1,648.25 28.60 39
Canara Bank Ltd. 364.00 286.30 27.10 13
Bank of Baroda Ltd. 202.00 162.40 24.40 33
HDFC Bank Ltd 1,920.00 1,564.35 22.70 40
Indian Bank 317.00 258.50 22.60 10

(Disclaimer- Before investing in any stock, take the advice of your financial expert. Investing in the stock market is subject to market risks.)