IPL 2021’s second phase date announced, BCCI final date

IPL 2021 had to be postponed midway amid the Corona epidemic havoc. Speculation was going on for a long time regarding the conduct of the second phase. But, now finally its date has been announced. Which the fans were waiting for for a long time. When will the second phase of this league take place, it will be confirmed by itself. Board of Control for Cricket in India made by the Secretary General.

Fans wait is over

Waiting for the remaining match of the Indian Premier League, the efforts of the fans are over now. Because its final date has been announced. The second phase of this tournament will start from September 19 to October 15. This news has been clarified by the BCCI General Secretary Rajiv Shukla himself. In such a situation, the remaining matches of this league will now be held in UAE.

Due to the entry of Corona in the bio bubble, this year the board had ordered to postpone the tournament on 4 May itself for the safety of the players. In view of the problem of corona infection in the country, it has been decided to organize 31 matches of this IPL 2021 in UAE. Recently, according to a news quoted by Times of India, BCCI General Secretary Rajiv Shukla has given an update regarding this.

Indian Premier League final date announced

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He has said in his statement that, IPL 2021 will be held from September 19 to October 15. This tournament will be played just before the T20 World Cup. But, so far the International Cricket Council (ICC) has not officially announced the date of this tournament. At present, its hosting is in the hands of India. In such a situation, BCCI can decide to organize it in UAE or Oman.

At present, the Indian Cricket Board has been asked by the ICC to give the final review regarding its event on June 28. In such a situation, on June 28, the BCCI has to answer to the Cricket Council whether it is in a position to organize this World Cup in its country or not. Because the corona infection has not yet completely gone from the country. If the T20 World Cup starts from October 18, then it will start 3 days after the end of the IPL.

ICC and Rajeev Shukla gave a big update

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Talking to IANS on Wednesday, ICC said that,

“There is no rule of compulsory distinction between the domestic tournament and the World Cup. We can announce the date and place of T20 World Cup in July itself. But, we would not like to comment on this right now. The ICC needs 10 days to prepare the pitch and ground before any event. That too is a standard not a rule. Rest of the work is currently going on between BCCI and ICC. We can talk about it later.”

Along with this, when Rajeev Shukla was asked whether the gap would be less to go to the T20 World Cup from IPL 2021, he replied that,

“It will not be a problem as non-Test playing countries are likely to be involved in the initial phase. There are 16 teams in the T20 World Cup 2021, including five non-Test playing countries.

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