IPL 2023: Suryakumar Yadav will never sleep on a flight after what he did to Tilak Verma! , suryakumar yadav tilak varma ipl 2023 mumbai indians video

What did Suryakumar Yadav do with Tilak Verma? (PC-IPL T20)

New Delhi, The battle of the Indian Premier League has now reached its final stage. Chennai Super Kings have made it to the finals, while Mumbai Indians defeated Lucknow to enter the second qualifier. Now he will compete with Gujarat Titans. By the way, before this match, the players of Mumbai were seen in a mood of fun. After what Suryakumar Yadav did to Tilak Verma, this young player will probably never sleep in a flight. Now you must be thinking that what happened with Tilak Verma?

Mumbai Indians have shared a video on social media in which Tilak Verma is sleeping in flight. During this, Tilak’s mouth remains open and then Suryakumar has fun with him. Suryakumar takes lemon from the air hostess and squeezes its juice in Tilak Verma’s mouth. Tilak Verma suddenly wakes up after having a sour taste in his mouth.

Now the challenge is not easy for Mumbai

Well, it was a matter of fun, but now the situation in IPL is very serious for the Mumbai team. The team has made it to the second qualifier but now it has to face last year’s champion Gujarat. The Gujarat team is very strong at home. In this season, when both the teams had a match in Ahmedabad, Mumbai had to face defeat by 55 runs.

Mumbai’s batting is in color

By the way, the amazing thing for Mumbai is that the batting of this team is amazing. This team has scored more than 200 runs four times this season. Almost all the batsmen of this team have won one or the other match on their own. Ishan Kishan in the opening, followed by Cameron Green, Tilak Verma, Nehal Wadhera, Suryakumar Yadav and others have won matches for the team. The amazing thing is that the strike rate of the batsmen of Mumbai Indians is also amazing. These players are not hesitating at all to play big shots and this is a matter of great concern for Gujarat.