IPL cancellation will result in loss of crores to world cricket

The corona virus outbreak has also started on the world’s largest cricket league IPL. Three players were infected with Corona before the league began. After which the entire tournament is being held in Bio Bubble. In spite of Kolkata Two players from the team have been found to be Corona positive. After which the demand for cancellation of IPL again intensified. Now questions are also being raised on bio bubble. However, as much as it is said, canceling the IPL is not an easy task.

World cricket gets 5 thousand crores

In view of the outbreak of Corona, there has been a demand from all places to cancel the IPL. But this is not so easy. Let’s understand at a glance why it is difficult and how much damage it can cause. According to the Telegraph report, the economy of world cricket is about 15 thousand crores.

Whose 33 percent i.e. 5 thousand crores comes from IPL only. For this reason, many cricket boards of the world are supporting BCCI in organizing IPL. Just a few months ago, India Australia Had visited, from which he got 2 thousand crores rupees.

The value of IPL is 47 thousand crores


Let us tell you that the value of IPL in 2019 is about 47 thousand crores. this year BCCI The IPL is expected to earn around 3 thousand crores. This year, more than 2 thousand competitions were conducted by the board.

All of whose players, coaches, staff and umpires are to be given fees. If the IPL is to be canceled, then along with all these fees, the board’s earnings will also be greatly affected. Not only this, the players of this league will also have an impact on their earnings.

Foreign players did not complain


Players of almost all countries play in the IPL. In such a situation, if this league is canceled, it will have a direct impact on all countries. All countries get financial help. Well this is not a reason. But, the CEO of CSK Kasi Viswanathan Says that none of his foreign players have complained yet. In such a situation, targeting the IPL is no solution.

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