IPL postponement reduces brand value

Corona virus K Kahar also took over the IPL. Due to which cases of IPL players were constantly getting infected. In view of this growing transition, the BCCI has postponed the IPL. Now a new date will be set for the remaining matches. Anyway, due to Corona, for the last two years, the IPL is being conducted without an audience. Due to which its brand value fell and now its postponement has also had a lot of impact.

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3.6 per cent brand value of IPL falls

IPL last year due to rising outbreak of Kovid-19 UAE Was organized in At that time not even a single spectator was present in the stadium. Due to this, the brand value of IPL was reduced by 3.6 percent as compared to 2019. Not only this, the teams used to earn up to 20 percent of the revenue from the sale of food and drink. The company named Duff and Phelps issues the brand value report of the IPL for the last 7 years. Although the data for this year has not been received yet, there was a loss last year.

BCCI will lose 2000 crores


According to the report of Duff & Phelps Company, even after the close door match, the IPL was not causing much damage. People were watching IPL a lot due to their stay in homes. Due to which the broadcasters were benefiting a lot. Also, there was a significant increase in the viewership and ad revenue of the IPL.

As of now, the IPL has only been postponed due to Corona. But, if it had to be canceled due to some reason BCCI (BCCI) will incur a loss of about 2 thousand crores. Not only this, it will also have a bad effect on the hosting of T20 World Cup.

Chennai Super Kings suffered badly

brand value

With the postponement of IPL, not only the board but also the teams can suffer a lot of damage. The tournament is already being held behind closed doors. After that which is already harmful, then the absence of the league is another big loss. According to last year’s league report, if you look at the brand value of the teams, then Chennai and Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders Both suffered. The brand value of Chennai was 16.5 percent and the brand value of KKR was decreased by 13.7 percent. At the same time, Delhi Capitals, who played the final, had the lowest loss of only 1 percent.

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