IPL, Punjab and Delhi wanted to continue; 10 positives

Corona virus Also did not leave the IPL. Took 10 players in three days. Due to which the IPL had to be postponed indefinitely. Not only this, all the players and staff are being sent back home. In the IPL, 31 matches were yet to be done. Now we will tell you why the IPL was postponed in a hurry.

Punjab and Delhi wanted to play IPL

All the teams and officials were talked to after the players and the support staff were found to be corona infected. In which the Punjab team had voted to continue the IPL. There itself Delhi capitals Two types of talk were coming from the camp. Players wanted the league to be operational.

So that they have a good chance of winning the title this time, then they can redeem it. It was here that his chairman Partha Jindal said that the IPL should be postponed for the time being. Along with this, Akash Ambani of Mumbai Indians was also in favor of canceling the league.

Foreign players refuse


Some foreign and one or two native players associated with the IPL have already left the league in the middle. Demand to close the league had been rising since long. But, the franchisees said that they and their players are not facing any kind of problem.

Some franchisees even claimed that the foreign players included in their team did not have any problem. But, now the news is coming that only foreign players refused to play. Due to which the suspension of IPL became the main reason.

The remaining matches can be held in September

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After a few days, international matches of all the teams will start. In such a situation, the remaining matches of the IPL will have to face a lot of difficulties in getting them done. First of all, the final of the World Test Championship is to be played from June 18-22.

After that from August 4 to September 14, the Indian team has to play Test matches with England. After this there is only one big tournament which will be played in October. Before this, only in September, 20-25 days BCCI (BCCI). In which he could get the remaining matches of IPL.

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