IPL: Rooms with animal filth, tampering with drugs, dark truths of cheerleaders, in front of which the brawl. IPL 2023 indian premier league cheerleaders Controversy After parties secrets

For the cheerleaders who cheer on the fours and sixes in the IPL, people often think that they live a life of luxury during the league, but the cheerleaders removed this misconception a few years ago.

IPL cheerleaders created a sensation by making some revelations related to the league

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New Delhi. IPL is the biggest in the world Cricket League is. This league gave many players to the world. The whole world is aware of how many players this league has given worldwide recognition. Also made franchise cricket popular. In the last 15 years, IPL has given a lot to the cricket world. Its brightness was seen by everyone, but there are some such dark truths of the cheerleaders of this league, which had created a sensation.

Some cheerleaders themselves told the truth behind this glow. The cheerleaders of IPL revealed 5 such dark truths related to the league, which created a lot of ruckus when it came to the fore.

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victim of racism

During the match, the cheerleaders who cheered everyone up by hitting fours and sixes were often seen as foreigners. Earlier people believed that Europeans and Americans are better dancers than Indians, but some cheerleaders told the dark truth behind it. Cheerleaders said that the organizers did not want the Indian girl to wear skinny clothes, which is a kind of racism. Because of this, many great artists could not get a chance to show their talent.

work in bollywood

Sometimes the face of some cheerleaders seems quite familiar. Some people think that they have seen a cheerleader before and their guess is absolutely correct. Actually, most of the cheerleaders become a part of IPL through agencies and these agencies also provide background dancers in Bollywood. A cheerleader herself revealed about it years ago. The cheerleader said that most of the members of her group are from Bollywood background and that is why she also learned Indian dance moves.

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drunk molestation

When the IPL started, efforts were made to make the league fun for the spectators as well as the cricketers. Due to this, the officials decided to organize a party after the match, where the players could relax. Cheerleaders were also involved in this party. Most of the players started drinking in the party and then some such incidents happened, which shook the IPL itself. A cheerleader named Gabriella Pasclotto had revealed that some Australian and South African players misbehaved with her for being drunk. There were also reports that there used to be discussions about match-fixing in these parties.

animal mess room

Often people think that cheerleaders lead a luxurious life, but two cheerleaders from Ukraine have cleared this misconception of the people. Both had confirmed that many times they did not even get salary on time. Not only this, he also complained about food and essential things, which he did not get during the journey. Cheerleaders were accommodated in one star hotels, where there were no facilities. Some cheerleaders even revealed that there was animal excrement in the rooms.

poorly designed clothes

women safety too IPL I had a big issue. The league had also faced incidents like women exploitation. The cheerleaders raised the issue of security, but the authority never tried to solve the problem. According to the cheerleaders, some spectators also used to look at them with wrong eyes. Not only this, they were given uncomfortable clothes to wear, which were not even designed properly.