iRecorder Screen Recorder app removed by google play store for recording audio without informing users

Smartphone users usually turn to Apple and Google’s app stores to download any app. Despite this, the danger of dangerous and fraudulent apps remains in the phone. Tech giants take action against such apps, but sometimes the steps are delayed. A security research firm has told about such an app, which is dangerous for the users. It is a recording app in which malware has been detected. This malware can record the audio around people every 15 minutes without informing them and transmit it to the developer.

Cyber ​​security firm ESET’s recent Study According to, app Its name is iRecorder. This is a screen recorder software, which was sending malware to the users’ device. Google has removed the app named iRecorder- Screen Recorder from the Play Store.

As per the report, the app was installed more than 50 thousand times. It was first introduced in September 2021. There was no malware in the app then. The report says that around August 2022, the developer updated the app and added malware-related functionality.

How did the app cause harm?

It has been told in the report that two codes based on AhMyth RAT were detected in the app. This is such a tool, by which many types of errors can be made. For example, without users knowing, their call logs, contacts and text messages can be filtered. The list present in the files can be seen. The location of the device may be tracked. SMS can be sent. Audio can be recorded even photos can be taken.

The report says that users who installed or updated the iRecorder app put the security of their devices at stake. Google has removed this app after it was revealed in the study of ‘ESET’. Although officially nothing has been said about this. If this app is also present in your phone, then delete it immediately.



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