Is Kangana jealous of Sonu Sood’s growing popularity, support of actor’s trollers

India is currently facing the second wave of Corona epidemic. Where all the time, news of someone’s death is coming out. Meanwhile, victims across the country are lacking in getting beds, oxygen concentrators in hospitals. Where now many Bollywood and TV artists are coming forward to help the common people. Meanwhile, in this fight, actor Sonu Sood, who has been engaged since last year, is also continuously helping people this year. While he is being praised all over the country, some people are also trolling him on social media.

Yes, recently Sonu Sood is also being trolled for an add containing oxygen concentrator. The poster of this ad was seen by Sonu Sood himself. In this, the price of oxygen concentrator machine was stated in millions. Sonu Sood is being trolled heavily for the same, where many people are trolling him on social media saying ‘cheater’ and ‘fraud’. Where many people are liking this tweet against the actor. There is also a name among them which has shocked everyone. Yes, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has also liked this tweet. Which it seems that the growing popularity of Sonu Sood has started troubling the actress.


Sonu Sood Vs Kangana


This Twitter user has written in his tweet that “Sonu Sood you are cheating people whose own people are dying. Even a 10 liter oxygen concentrator costs not 1 rupees lakh and you are charging 2 lakh rupees for a 5 liter oxygen concentrator, how do you sleep at night by doing so fraudulently. BMC rightly said that you are a serial criminal.


Sonu Sood Vs Kangana 2


As soon as Kangana liked this tweet, this tweet of the actor has come in the discussion ever since. From the very beginning, the actress is famous for giving her impeccable opinion on many issues related to the country. At the same time, the actress is tweeting about Kovid-19 from her home.

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