Isn’t Mars red? Blue lines seen in NASA’s picture, know the reality

Mars is also called the red planet in the world. It is the only planet in our solar system that appears red in pictures. This planet has always been associated with red color and this image has formed in our mind that most of the part of Mars is red desert. But if you are told that the color of Mars is actually something else? Look at this picture released by the US space agency NASA. What other color do you see here other than red? is that blue? Is Mars Blue? Let us try to find the answer to this question.

This picture of Mars was taken by NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has captured. This rover has imaged an area of ​​​​hundreds of meters of the Martian surface. Each pixel of the image is equal to 25 feet on the surface of Mars. Blue lines are visible on the surface of Mars in the picture, which makes the view more beautiful. This place is Gamboa Crater, which is located in the Northern Hemisphere of Mars.

Apart from Earth, the planets that scientists around the world have known the most, Mars is ahead of them. Missions of all agencies including NASA, European Space Agency and ISRO are going on or proposed there. It is believed that if life is possible anywhere other than Earth, then Mars can be the most reliable option. Although it is a subject of long research, but scientists all over the world agree on one thing that this planet is red when viewed from a distance. In such a situation, to say that Mars is not red but blue in color, seems a joke.

In the picture released by NASA, blue lines are clearly visible above the surface of Mars. The question is whether this blue color is real or something else. Basically this is NASA’s image processing. The blue color seen on Mars is fake, it is the result of system processing. The real color of Mars is red. With blue lines, NASA has shown the geological structure of the Martian surface. This will help scientists to know how the geological structure of this planet is.



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