Issue price fixed for gold bonds, you can subscribe to the issue from Monday

Gold bonds will be open for subscription for 5 days from Monday, i.e. investors will be able to subscribe in the bond from January 10 to January 14.

Issue price fixed for gold bonds

There is another chance to get gold cheaply. The next installment of Gold Bond Scheme 2021-22 is opening for subscription from Monday. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today announced the issue price for the new installment of the bond. Know all the important things related to Gold Bond

Another chance to invest in Gold Bond

The Reserve Bank has informed that the gold bond will be open for subscription for 5 days from Monday, that is, investors will be able to subscribe in the bond from January 10 to January 14. The issue price of the bond has been fixed at Rs 4786 per gram. Along with this, all such applicants who will apply for the bond online and make the payment online will also get a discount of Rs 50 per gram on the issue price. The Reserve Bank informed that the issue price of gold bonds for such applicants would be Rs 4736 per gram. Earlier, in the issue open between November 29 and December 3, applicants had applied at the rate of Rs 4791 per gram.

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What are the features of Gold Bond

Gold bond gives you the advantage of investing in gold without buying gold, in which you do not need to keep gold. Along with this, it also gives interest benefit on the lines of government security, that is, you get two types of benefits from gold bonds. However, there is a lock-in period in this. That is, you have to keep your investment in gold bonds for a certain period of time. According to the Reserve Bank, a gold bond is a government security, whose price is based on the price of gold. The investor invests cash equal to the value of gold, on maturity, he gets the amount in cash only. The bonds are issued by the Reserve Bank on behalf of the Government of India. The investor can subscribe for a minimum of 1 gram and a maximum of 4 kg. On the other hand, trust etc. can subscribe for up to 20 kg.

What is risk in gold bond

According to the Reserve Bank, there may be a capital loss in SGB, in fact the quantity of gold in the gold bond is safe, not its value. In such a situation, you will get the return only on the basis of the amount of gold on maturity. However, interest is also available on the bond, so the loss in the bond will be less compared to solid gold in the same period if the prices fall.

How to invest in Gold Bond

Investing in bonds can be done through many options, people can buy bonds from banks, special branches of post offices, stock exchanges, Stock Holdings Corporation Corporation. Stock markets provide the option of investing through an agent. Common people can invest in bonds through banks and post offices and through demat accounts. Stock brokers give their clients investment options in demat, investors can buy bonds through this

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