It will be difficult to get a job after studying in UK, government can take this big decision

Students studying in the UK use the post-study visa route, also known as the graduate visa route. The government is considering a change in this.

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Every year a large number of Indian students go to study in Britain. India is on top in terms of the number of foreign students coming to study in this country of Europe. One of the major disadvantages of Indians pursuing higher education in UK is that after getting the degree, they have two years to find a job. In this period, students get jobs and they settle in UK only. However, now UK A big decision is about to be taken regarding study visa, which will have the greatest impact on Indian students.

In fact, Britain’s Home Minister Suella Braverman is considering a plan to reduce the period of stay of foreign students under student visa (post-study visa route) after studying in Britain. According to reports, this move may bring Braverman into conflict with the country’s education department. The new graduate visa route is expected to be cut under Braverman’s proposed review.

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What is the Graduate Visa Route?

Through the graduate visa route, foreign graduate students, including Indians, get a chance to stay in the UK for two years after their studies to find a job and gain work experience. For this, they do not even need any kind of job offer. This time period of two years can be cut after the review of Home Minister Suella Braverman.

The UK Home Office declined to comment, but a government spokesman said: “Our points-based system has been tailored to UK needs, including attracting top-class talent from around the world to the UK.” to do is included.

Foreign students can be less?

According to a news in the newspaper The Times, Indian-origin Home Minister Braverman has prepared a plan to improve the Graduate Visa Route. Under this scheme, students will have to take a visa for work after getting a skilled job or leave the UK after six months. It has been said in the news that Britain’s Department of Education (DFE) is trying to stop these changes, because they are worried that this may reduce the attraction of international students to study in Britain.

Indian top in getting study visa

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Indians overtook the Chinese as the largest group of foreign students last year and dominated the new graduate visa route introduced in July 2021, given It accounted for 41 per cent of the visas granted. Figures published last week showed there were 680,000 foreign students in the UK. The government’s higher education policy of 2019 included a target of 6,00,000 students by 2030, which was met last year itself.

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