iVOOMi Energy will start booking S1 e-scooter with 115km range in a single charge from May 30, know delivery details

Electric two-wheeler maker iVOOMi Energy is going to start booking its S1 e-scooter (S1 e-scooter) from May 30. Also, the company has said that the delivery of the scooter will start by mid-June.

iVOOMi Energy is based in Maharashtra and introduced its new electric scooters S1 and Jeet in March. The S1 is priced at Rs 84,999. This e-scooter has been approved by the International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT). Its delivery is said to start in mid-June.

The test ride of the S1 electric scooter is said to start from May 28. According to the company, the scooters will be available for dealerships in 12 Indian cities – Pune, Nagpur, Gondia, Mumbai, Nanded, Kolhapur, Ichalkaranji, Ahmednagar, Surat, Bhavnagar, Adipur and Kutch. Apart from this, the availability of the scooter in other parts of India has been said to be completed by June 5.

iVOOMi S1 Electric Scooter Price and Features

As mentioned earlier, the ex-showroom price of iVOOMi S1 is Rs 84,999. The scooter is powered by a 2kW electric motor and can run at a top speed of 65km/h. The scooter has a 60V, 2kWh swappable Li-ion battery pack. Once fully charged, this electric scooter can go up to 115 km. It takes 3 to 4 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

iVOOMi has additionally launched Jeet, and Jeet Pro. The Jeet series scooters offer a single charge range of 130 kms. Talking about the price, the iVOOMi Jeet electric scooter is priced at Rs 82,000 (ex-showroom). iVOOMi Jeet Pro is the most expensive electric scooter of the three, priced at Rs 93,000. All three scooters come in Red, Blue and Gray color options.

In iVOOMi Jeet and Jeet Pro, the company has given battery packs of 1.5 kW-2kW capacity, due to which they get a maximum single charge range of 130 Km. They get a huge storage space of 30L, in which the rider can keep his helmet or any other item. Apart from this, other features include Find My Scooter, Parking Assist and USB Charging Port.