Jack Dorsey’s answer to Twitter CEO’s question further complicated, said ‘there will be no CEO’

Twitter co-founder withdraws from twitter CEO race

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Jack Dorsey said in a tweet that he would not be the CEO of Twitter again. At the same time today, Musk has put the deal with Twitter on hold for some time. Earlier, a lawsuit has also been filed in America regarding the deal.

Along with the Twitter Musk deal, new developments are constantly coming out regarding this deal. At present, Musk has put this deal on hold for some time. On the other hand, there are constant speculations about who will lead Twitter, meanwhile. Twitter (Twitter) co-founder Jack Dorsey has made a tweet that has taken the debate in a whole new direction. In response to a question on who will be the CEO, Jack Dorsey wrote that in the end no one. Along with this, a debate has also started in social media that perhaps Musk can make some new changes in the management form of the company.

What is Jack Dorsey’s tweet

In fact, Jack Dorsey was asked by a person through a tweet if he would like to become the CEO of Twitter again, then Dorsey did not directly write that no he would not become the CEO of Twitter again. The person who asked the question again asked who should become it. Jack wrote the answer, in the end no one. Along with this, Twitter and social media have started trying to figure out the meaning of this answer. One user wrote that perhaps a decentralized open source mechanism would lead it where the work would be handled with the help of controlled algo, machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, on the other hand some users are only talking about the removal of the CEO post.