Jacqueline Fernandez To ED: Jacqueline made many big revelations in ED’s interrogation, thug Sukesh had gifted millions of cats and diamond jewelry…

Jacqueline disclosed in ED’s interrogation…

Jacqueline Fernandez is accused of money laundering of 200 crores. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) seized the actress’s property worth Rs 7.27 crore. Jacqueline revealed that she received many valuable gifts from Sukesh.

bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez ,Jacqueline Fernandez) has been in discussion for a long time for controversial reasons. The actress was named conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar (Sukesh Chandrashekharwas rumored to be in a relationship with), which she later denied. Recently Enforcement Directorate (ED) has confiscated the actress’s property worth Rs 7.27 crore. Jacqueline is accused of taking valuable gifts from accused thug Sukesh Chandrakesh. With this, the actress is making rounds of the ED in a money laundering case of Rs 200 crore. Let us inform that after the disclosure of the matter, during the investigation it was found that Sukesh Chandrakesh used to blow money on Jacqueline like water. After this, there have been many more big revelations in the latest information.

It is reported that Sukesh has also given many expensive gifts to Jacqueline. Everyone is surprised to hear about whom. The prized gifts received by Jacqueline from Sukesh included cats worth 9-9 lakhs, a horse worth 52 lakhs and diamond jewelery along with many valuable gifts.

The ED had filed a charge sheet in the court in Sukesh’s case last year. In which the expensive gifts given to Jacqueline were also mentioned. After which, during interrogation, Sukesh had also confessed to giving gifts to Jacqueline.

Sukesh did not come to meet the airport for the first time

Along with this, during the interrogation of Jacqueline, the actress told that Sukesh was very sad about the death of his uncle. After which he called me to attend the funeral in Chennai. Where he arranged a private jet for Jacqueline to call her from Mumbai to Chennai. Further, Jacqueline told that Sukesh sent his assistant to receive the actress at the airport instead.

The assistant was sent to the airport in his place

Jacqueline further told in her statement to the ED that she met Sukesh for the second time. For the first time, Sukesh did not even reach to meet him. The second time when she was coming back from Chennai, both of them met.

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Jacqueline had refused the car she got from Sukesh

Amidst the ED’s questions, Jacqueline also revealed that she had also received a Mini Cooper from Sukesh. But, he returned the car without rejecting it. Whereas, Jacqueline received gifts from Gucci, three designer bags, two Gucci outfits, Louis Vuitton shoes and diamond earrings.