Jadeja, who travels in Audi, likes this post office scheme, how much has he invested

Ravindra Jadeja has neither invested in any stock nor in mutual funds, but according to the affidavit of Jadeja’s wife, Ravindra Jadeja has invested in the PPF scheme of the post office.

property of ravindra jadeja

Birthday of Ravindra Jadeja, one of the best all-rounder of the Indian cricket team (Ravindra Jadeja Birthday) Is. By the way, a lot will be found in the public domain about Ravindra Jadeja’s life and lifestyle. But his assets, investments and sources of income came to the fore for the first time when his wife Rivasinh Hardevdsinh Solanki (Rivaba Ravindrasinh Jadeja) submitted his affidavit to the Election Commission as BJP candidate from Jamnagar seat for the Gujarat Assembly elections.

Jadeja couple have assets worth Rs 97,35,59,222. If we talk about Ravindra Jadeja, then he has expensive cars, he has a car like Audi in his fleet, but he neither invests in the stock market nor does he have any mutual fund. (Mutual Fund) Is. At the same time, he did not get LIC (LIC Scheme) Invested in some scheme, but a shocking revelation has emerged from his wife’s affidavit. ravindra jadeja post office ppf scheme (PPF Scheme) is invested in.

Investment is of two lakh rupees

According to the affidavit submitted by Jadeja’s wife, Ravindra has invested in the Post Office’s Public Provident Fund ie PPF. PPF scheme is one of the most popular scheme of the common central government which gives the highest returns in a year. Talking about the figures, Ravindra Jadeja has invested Rs 2 lakh in the PPF scheme. Apart from this, his investment is not in any modern era investment tool. Which is also quite surprising. He has real estate property worth crores of rupees, but has no investment in mutual funds, stock market or bonds.

What is the specialty of PPF

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  • The PF scheme supported by the Government of India is completely safe and secure.
  • In this post office scheme, a return of 7.10 percent is available annually.
  • PPF has a lock-in period of 15 years and after completion of 15 years, if the account holder wants to extend this period, he can extend it up to 5 years.
  • It is a tax saving investment tool as the amount invested, interest earned and total maturity amount are tax free.
  • You can invest minimum Rs 500 to maximum Rs 1,50,000 per year in PPF account.
  • You do not need a lump sum amount for PPF account. Also, you have to make a deposit every year to keep your account running.
  • After saving for 3 years in PPF account, you can take a loan against your invested amount.
  • PPF account can be opened in the name of an individual or on behalf of a guardian in case of a minor.
  • In case of death of the account holder, the entire cumulative amount is paid to the nominee.
  • Only Indian citizens are allowed to open PPF account. NRI or HUF are not eligible.