James Rado Passes Away: ‘Hair’ co-creator James Rado dies at 90 in New York

James Rado

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The career of writer James Rado started as an actor. James Rado died on Tuesday in New York due to cardiac arrest.

A disappointing news has come in the music world. Musical hippie ‘Hair’ co-creator James Rado (James Rado) has died. James Rado was 90 years old. Award winning writer James Rado gave great songs like ‘Aquarius’ and ‘Let the Sunshine’. He died in New York in the presence of his family. His friend and publicist Marley Freemark said James Rado died Tuesday in New York of heart failure. Heyer’s story and lyrics were written by Rado and Gerome Ragni while music was given by Galt McDermott.

Career started with acting

According to a report in The Guardian, writer James Rado’s career actually began as an actor. In 1966, James Rado played the lead role as Rosemary Harris in James Goldman’s play The Lion in Winter. In addition, he played a lead role in the production of Christopher Walken and Mike Nichols’ ‘The Knack’. James Rado wrote a book and composed the music for Heyer with the late Jerome Ragni. Note that during the 60s, James Rado and Jerome Ragni were writing the song Heyer based on the hippie counter culture as well as the sexual revolution. Let us tell you that after the brief off-Broadway run, this song also became a hit in the Broadway show in 1968. At the same time, the hair lasted till 1,750 performances.

James Rado said this about hippies

Let us tell you that during an interview, James Rado told that a wonderful warmth and sense of freedom was seen in the hippies. He had said that people will just come to you and take you in their arms. And that’s good enough. James Rado said that this is a psychological truth, which was so blocked by human behavior.

Let us tell you that due to the success of this song, in the year 1979, attention was given to a feature film adaptation and Broadway cast recording. This 1979 film was directed by Milos Forman. With this, 3 million copies of Broadway cast recordings were sold. James Rado was also awarded the Grammy Award for Best Cast Show Album. Apart from this, he received two Bartony nominations for an original production.

Won Tony Award in 2009

In 2009, he was awarded the Tony Award for Best Revival Musical after the Broadway revival was a hit. In the same year, James Rado was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. James Rado and Ragni also worked on two other musicals. Whose name was ‘Sun and Jack Sound’ and ‘His Dog Star Blowing His Final Trumpet on the Doom Day’. According to one estimate, Over a billion people have seen some version of the hair in the past 50 years.