Jasprit Bumrah will go to Bangalore, what will BCCI do on the injury?

Jasprit Bumrah suffers back stress fracture, ruled out of T20 World Cup. After all, how did this right-arm fast bowler get hurt again?

Who is responsible for Jasprit Bumrah’s injury?

Image Credit source: PTI

On Thursday, there was news of injury to Jasprit Bumrah. This news is a big setback for the Indian team. Till now there is no official statement from BCCI regarding this. There are so many questions related to this news that everyone is thinking a hundred times before saying anything. Question 1: How did Bumrah get hurt? How was Bumrah declared fit by the NCA? Bumrah was taking rest for about two months, then how did he get so hurt? Did the team management rush to bring back Bumrah?

The reason behind such trouble is Bumrah not playing all 14 matches of IPL? Amidst all these questions, Jasprit Bumrah is reaching Bangalore tonight. There he will report to the NCA. Between the next 40-48 hours, the picture will be completely clear that for how many days Bumrah will be away from the field.

South Africa did not play the first match of the series

Bumrah’s trouble was known even before the start of the South Africa series. He didn’t play the first match. According to sources, the selectors were put on standby at the same time to start working on Bumrah’s option. At present, the name of Mohammad Siraj is coming to the fore. It is believed that talks have been held with them. He will join the team soon. Right now, it will be said officially by the BCCI that Jasprit Bumrah will not be part of the team in the remaining two T20 matches against South Africa. He will be replaced by Mohammad Siraj. Before saying anything officially on Bumrah, the report of the medical team of the NCA is necessary. After the T20 series, the Indian team will also play a three-match ODI series against South Africa.

Why is waiting for NCA report

Actually, according to the set rules, the doctors of NCA will give their opinion only after a thorough examination. In the last few days, there have been some cases when the injury assessment of a player has not been correct. That is, in the initial report it was said that the player is not available in the field for three months. But after thorough investigation and initial treatment, the player’s return happened before the said time. Bumrah is such a ‘crucial’ player for Team India that he still hasn’t given up hope. That is why at the moment no one is saying officially about being out of the World Cup. India has to play the first match in the T20 World Cup against Pakistan on 23 October. That is, there is still three straight weeks left. If Bumrah’s troubles are mild, then he will go to Australia. However, according to sources, its expectation is negligible. Right now everyone is waiting for Bumrah’s NCA report.